What Is The Best Trading System?

What Is The Best Trading System?

I get asked all the time what is the best trading system, and people are often mad at me when i tell them they are. You see it does not matter in which why you take a trade, or what the rules are for you to take said trade. In the end, it will be the trader that is why He/She makes money or does not. The problem for most folks when they get into trading, is never the system of which they trade, But the emotions that he or she has when trading real money. Fear and Greed are the major reason people make it in this business or do not make it.


Fear And Greed

The two evils of any Trader are fear and greed. These are what help or hurt folks in the end. The truth is you must never look at what your doing as I am or am not going to make money. You must separate yourself from the fact that it is money. That is why some kids are great at trading. They treat this as a video game. Adults on the other hand tend to be the worst. Because all they think is they need to make the mortgage, or car note etc. And they tend to fall short.

Trust me when I tell you that you need to separate yourself from the fact it is money. Not to say you need to treat it as a video game. But be aware of what you are really doing here and why You are doing it. Is it to have a retirement? Extra Cash? What ever the long term goal may be.

Trading Systems

There are many system that make traders either buy or sell, and the truth is ( and I want to save you a life time here) It is never the system. it is the trader.

The Truth:

A trading system is nothing more than a set of rules that says, if this happens i do this. And you do not need a bunch of crap on your screen. The truth really is, if it is going up, buy. And if it is going down sell. Now do not get me wrong I Know i made it sound to simple and that i do realize. But what happens over and over again, is a trader starts with a system and make a few bucks and then it fails him or her and they start with the search for the holy grail. It does not exist ! I know because i have gone down this road myself. As do many that get into this,


Stick With One System

No matter what or how you trade, the truth is all systems in the end will fail in one way or another. There is no Holy Grail out there and if you just stick to your rules and trade the way you always have, You will just keep trucking along doing what you do.

End Game

the truth is in the end it is a matter of whether you are gaining ground on your end goal retirement or what have you.

The problem is to many folks get into this and want the fancy car and house etc. They think this is easy money and the truth is for some it really is ( more on this later) But for others, they struggle. I am one of those that has blown more accounts than anyone. Over leveraged etc is what has always done me in. And i never stuck with any system per say. So as i write this it really hits home. In the end we all want the same thing, security and knowing we can send our kids to college or pay off our home or what ever your goal maybe. That is why we do what we do.

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