SocialGood up to 100% Cashback Shopping Opportunity

Don’t get distracted by the page links here. Time to focus. We wanted to present to you a TIME LIMITED opportunity.

No kidding. With SocialGood you can receive back after your purchase up to to 100% of what you paid for your purchases. Sounds crazy yes … but it works !!!

If you shop through the SocialGood app (I am a user myself) and buy from selected stores, cashback is credited to your account to withdraw as needed. Here are the 2 best examples:

  • AliExpress: 100% cashback – you get paid 100% back what you spend
  • Ebay (most countries): 50% cashback you get paid back half what you send

Yes these are full cashback legit numbers. If you pay $2,000 for products at AliExpress, you get $2,000 repaid to you. You pay $800 on eBay, you get $400 (50%) returned. There are other retailers as well, but above are the best. The offers may differ per country. Get started by clicking on the SocialGood logo below.

Furthermore, you can also get a $25 USD incentive reward by signing up through THIS LINK or clicking on the logo picture above or by using this code on entry: J5LVS8

Examples: I purchased a group of tropical fish called Frontosa from through the SocialGood app to stock my aquarium costing £422 and will be getting back £211 (GBP) which is 50% of the cost.

I made a smaller test purchase of health foods at AliEpress through the SocialGood app totalling approx £65 and will soon be receiving back the full £65 GBP cost. See below for some real life examples of the over 600,000 members who are financially benefitting from this increadible opportunity:

A bit uncertain or nervous? No problem, start with small purchases you can easily afford, get the cashback, and move forward from there. It essentially costs you nothing to try, and you get a nice cash-crypto bonus when you start purchasing. The ultimate (no offense intended) no brainer opportunity.

Understandably, there are restrictions involved. Here are the important ones, along with some key pointers:

  • To get full benefits, PLEASE USE OUR LINK HERE or this code on signing up J5LVS8. This will give you a $25 USD bonus triggered.
  • Limit on any single shopping basket transaction is $10,000 (but you can repeat the next day). So, you are essentially buying what you want in the case of AliExpress for nothing.
  • You must make any purchases only through the SocialGood app to get your cashback. So you cannot get around this by loading up the shopping cart first, using a browser. All purchases must be done through the SocialGood app.
  • You cannot start buying stock to obviously resell, so you are limited to maximum 2 of the same product units. But … you can return the next day to purchase more. This is fine for AliExpress as most items are post free.
  • Within hours, or next day at most, you can see in the SocialGood app notification area that SocialGood are aware of your purchase.
  • Actual cashback does not happen straight away, to prevent ones misusing the system, getting cashback then returning the items. So you need to wait around 2 weeks for your SocialGood account to be credited.
  • Here is the big question: How are you repaid? Here is the crunch, but may actually be an advantage as it introduces you to a brave new exciting world. The repayment is made back to you in SocialGood (SG) Crypto currency.
  • How do you transfer the SocialGood crypto down to your bank account? You transfer it down to your crypto (such as MetaMask) wallet first, then follow a few basic steps to finally transfer in hard ‘cash’ currency to your bank account. You can do this at any time and as often as you wish. The SocialGood help section tells you what you need to do (or check out YouTube videos of many members going through this process) no problem.
  • Repayments to your SocialGood account are paid in SG crypto. The great thing about this, is that the SocialGood cryto exchange rate is favourable and liable for increase. So your crypto funds can grow in value. SocialGood also give out bonuses to retain funds in crypto.
  • Why does the SocialGood sceme work? It encourages shoppers to repeat visit online stores and spend more, much more. We do not know how long the above offers will be open for, so time to act is today.
  • As long as it is not obvious to the SocialGood team, you can purchase high ticket items, resell for a profit, and even get the crypto cashback for 100% value. Amazing.

Personally, I am now looking for higher ticket items on AliExpress to purchase through SocialGood, get my cashback repayment, and meanwhile resell on eBay for a nice profit.

SocialGood has been established a while now. It is stable and have hundreds of thousands of happy users.

Typically members make a few purchases, go through the repayment transfer to their bank process, gain confidence in the system, then build up crypto SG funds for when required.

We are not directly affiliated to SocialGood but do receive a small commission payment if you use the above bonus-to-you link. We are not here to give any financial advice, the opportunity and responsibility is your own.