Simple Forex Strategy Line In The Sand

Simple Forex Strategy Line In The Sand

Sometimes in life we as humans tend to make things way harder than they need to be, and this is about as simple as it gets.

Start with any daily bar and snap a line and then scale down to a smaller time frame. And depending on which direction the market is going, buy or sell. Done. You owe me 1k.

Just kidding, the problem today is there is information overload, and People are selling courses on the same stuff all the time. It does not have to be hard, My Buddy The Rumpled One, says it best, buy or sell and the market will do what it does. Do not have any regrets.

Now the top image is a chart on the 30 min time frame, and you can clearly see where to buy and where your stop should be. And just let the trade do what it does.

Now with that being said is there any Guarantee it will always work? Hell no, this is trading. And never count on anything.

This market makes the stock market look like a joke and should be treated as such.

The point to this article is not only to save you time in your life but to answer questions that you may have about trading with or without indicators.

Below is a guy who says exactly this on his channel, But don’t buy all the hype and fake promises. Just Trade