Psychology In Trading

Why Do I Keep Losing Money Trading Forex

Psychology In Trading


If you are a Trader and do not think that Psychological games go on, then you have been Mis informed about trading. This happens all the time in trading and the truth is the brokers and wall street do not want the truth out there in trading. YOU are there cash cow, and the more scared they can make you from loosing all your money the better shape they are.

There are a million courses on how so and so makes millions trading, Bullshit. The truth is they are making millions selling a course on how they make millions.

Unfortunately this industry is plagued with Mis informed folks about trading thr FX markets and has always been that way ever since I got into this.

I have tried to show you the right way to trade over and over in this blog, and I will never put a course out. I do not want the head ache that comes with it.


​Current Trade

I want you to ask yourself why I would sell this trade that is current as of this article writing? So why would I sell?

I even made it so the pic blows up….

Ok if you look left ( of which you should know this) You will see this has been past resistance. And the line on the bottom will be my target for this trade. I closed out all but a Micro lot just to let it run. I did this because it sold off so fast at 3 am I was sure it was going to turn.

But it didn’t and here is what this article is about, sometimes we get it stuck in our heads on how a trade will run out and yet it does not. So in turn we leave a ton of money on the table.

Learn from the mistake from others and leave some in the game to make that extra cash. If you are scared during a trade, you are way over leveraged. And need to reduce the size of your trade.

Don’t Over Trade.

One of the biggest things I talk about is not over trading and truth be told, I am guilty of this as well from time to time.

Someone wrote me and said I am always trying to pick a top or bottom of the markets, and that is not true what so ever, Most hedge funds trade exactly as I show you here. What happened this week, they ran price up getting people all excited to go long, and then bam took your shit.

I write this to help younger traders that want to learn from my mistakes from the past and save you money. I have no ads on the site, I sell no course, I do this just for the passion of the markets.


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