Massive Swings In The Market

Massive Swings In The Market

I won’t Lie, today was rough as hell and If I said it once I have said it a thousand times. I am going to quit this shit and move on to something else in Life. Days like today with 100+ Pip swings knock everyone out. And I am sure if there is a hedge fund guy, or maybe someone from Goldman Sachs. They are probably laughing. But it was my own fault, I was over leveraged and lost 30% of my account today.

Massive Swings In The Market

When To Quit?

Truth is day’s like today really want me to quit. But there is one problem. I am Addicted to Forex. Hence the reason I started this site. I have a passion for the markets and more than likely will the rest of my life. But when there are days like today. They really hurt.

So do you Quit? 

I do not think I could ever quit the markets, hell I live and breath this stuff. And i wish it was not true, but I really do. So for me to quit would be a joke. Some folks get this business and then there are guys like me that never ever quit. While rare, we are die hard guys that will make it to the top someday.


Massive Swings

I have always wondered what makes moves like today happen. And by all means, if you know say so in the comment section. But with 100+ pip swings, it was just a blood bath and I know I could not have been the only one.


There had to have been some financial news of some sort today that caused all the fuss in the markets. I for one have never followed or really listened to any news what so ever. Maybe I should?


Look At That Swing

I could see last night that USD/JPY would go long, but dammit. With a swing like that who made it? The only one who survived that swing was the guy that trades with no stop what so ever. And after the crash of the Swiss franc some years back. ( of which I was On the right side of that deal) I learned that day, the folks that did not have a stop in place, got. Well we all know the stories how 106 year old bank, closed. Many FX dealers etc. It was a blood bath. Hell even if you did have a stop in place, most dealers just ran thru them. I bet to try and cover there own ass.

Closing Thoughts.

You must have a passion for the markets, because there will be days like this my friend. And if you really do not have a passion for this, then you might want to look at other things. Because at the end of the day, no matter what you do in this world. You must have passion for it, or you are just wasting time.

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