Gold Falls From Record High

Gold Falls From Record High

Wow are these moves just incredible these days. I was just screaming to my wife a week ago on how gold set record high’s and this week. BOOM, massive retrace on gold.

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Gold High

Last week i was in awe as i watched Gold Hit 2074 and this week as i write this we have seen a drop of 108 dollars an ounce.

Should you be scared? No this is how markets work. Truth is in a perfect world, and god knows that is not the case these days we would see bite size jumps in price and then calm and them move etc etc.

But last week, it was like if you are not on board you will be left behind. And god knows i was, i kept saying there is no way, the fed will step in any second. But that never happened, and today we are seeing profit taking and the Bears eating lunch big time.

There are many Trading Systems that rely strictly on a Larger Time Fame and they Have a 80% success rate. I am here to tell you that you only need to have two things, money management ant a 605 rate to be financially free. So just some food for thought.

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Will Gold Rebound?

I suspect with all that is going on in the world, You Will see gold turn yet again and go towards the moon. These corrections are just part of the market, and do not be like me a sissy and not get in. I seen the fall start last week with NFP, and today BOOM.

Just keep a eye on the dollar and when that starts to get a little week in the knees,you will see the change start and ride out the wave.

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