Everything You Know About Trading Forex Is Wrong

Everything You Know About Trading Forex Is Wrong

I was taught to trade with a set of Moving Averages and buy and sell the break of bars. And with that being said yes you can make money here and there, But it never said to me why the price shoots one way or another. And I have hated Moving Averages ever since. I have also been asked to teach people how to trade, but there is not enough interest in doing that at this time.
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4 Hour Time Frame

Below is a 4 Hour Chart and yes you could make money with this and there are plenty of people that do. Hell I was one for a long time, But it never explained to me why price moves in certain ways. And hence makes you start to wish as if you had just rolled the dice. And while there is not guarantee in this business. The truth is, you better become a master at what the Hell you are doing. Or join the other 97% that fail.

It is rare for me to go under the 4 hour time frame because if you have the eyes, and i get that quote from the trader i learned from. You can see the markets like you never have before.

Now with that being said, I am wrong from time to time myself. But you need to see what is really going on to keep and make money in this business.
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Learn To Trade Naked

If you ditch all the crap on your screen and learn to trade naked, you will have a better rate. But this does come with time and learning the markets.

This morning at 2 am i seen CHF/JPY and truth is it looked long as heck to me, then i realized. Nope, this thing is going to break. And what you see is the trade. So why tell you this? Because you need to learn to sell, when everyone else is buying. And Buy when everyone is selling. Now I know most will say I have Lost It. But I racked up over 1100 Pips on two pair this week alone. So you tell me who is crazy?

Now this post will confuse some that are new to trading but I want you to look at you charts and see the trade. Did i know? I had an idea that the trade was going to turn out like this based on other pairs, Like GBP/CHF Based on that i took the trade.