Are Larger Time Frames Better?

Are Larger Time Frames Better?

That depends on the trader really, If you are new to trading I would suggest you do stick to the larger time frames such as the 4 Hr Or even Daily. Every Trader Is different in there style of trading (more on this Later) And There some guys/ Gals that like the rush of the smaller time frames. Me? I do not need that and just am here to make a couple bucks.

Time Frames

4 Hour Time Frame

Me as a trader i follow what a bank or institution Trades, and they do trade the larger time frames. Why? simple, they just nee to see the big picture. And yes I know Not all do trade larger time frames. But this site was built to help the average guy trying to make a buck in the markets.

There will always be a debate on time frames, money management etc. That will never die, Trust me. But if you are new to trading and want to get somewhere with your trading. Do your self a favor and start trading the larger time frames. I am trying to save you Years of Pain here. 

There are many Trading Systems that rely strictly on a Larger Time Fame and they Have a 80% success rate. I am here to tell you that you only need to have two things, money management ant a 605 rate to be financially free. So just some food for thought.

usdchf chart

Moving Average 

As you can see in the chart above, really all you need is a moving average and a Larger time frame to see the big Picture of what is going on in the market. Sometimes folks tend to make this way harder than it need to be and really can be very simple.

I Fought this tooth and nail for trading larger time frames for ever. But when you hear of fellow traders having upwards of 80% Success rate with the larger time frames.

So Final words, If you have really been getting beat to death in the markets. Stop, and try larger time frames, or even just watch the markets. There is nothing better for a trader than screen time. It is the college for traders.

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