Afraid To Trade?

Afraid To Trade

You Afraid to trade?

Fear of trading can be simplified really, you say to yourself “I never win at this so why bother” Hey man i Get it, I have had Many Many trades loose. And throughout my 15 years as a trader i can see many problems were ones that i created.

Sometimes you just need to be on a larger time frame, and while time is the same on all. That to be talked about later, The truth is as a new trader you need to be on a larger time frame. Hell most trading firms use a larger time frame. It is only the retail trader that is the one that wants to be on the 5min chart or lower.


If you have been constantly loosing trades, STOP, and do your self a favor, go to the 1 HR or 4 Hr time frame, go to the daily, I bet you see your money go up.

There are many Trading Systems that rely strictly on a Larger Time Fame and they Have a 80% success rate. I am here to tell you that you only need to have two things, money management ant a 605 rate to be financially free. So just some food for thought.