3 Moving Average Crossover Strategy

3 Moving Average Crossover Strategy

Probably one of my favorite systems to trade is the 3 ema cross over strategy. Very simple system really. I use different EMA”s compared to the guru’s out there. I Use

10 EMA Closed
38 EMA Closed
72 EMA Closed

And i use this on the One Hour Chart, Sometimes 4 Hr To be a little more sure of my self. Why Larger Time Frames? There are folks that love the excitement of the candles going up and down and get a kick out of it. For me I have been An Active Trader for over 15 years and DO NOT like the thrills of that. How To Get In And Out? Simple really, Look for a signal (ie A Candle In Your Direction) Take that and decide on what risk and how many points you are trying to get. Most Trades are a 1 to 1 risk reward trade but that is always up to the trader in the end.

Can You Use On A 5 Min

Yes and no really, but there again it is up to your dear trader on what you are comfortable with. I have never been a fan of the smaller time frames to be honest and have seen more wins on the larger time frames. But there again, I know of guy’s who make great money on the smaller time frames.

Find What Works For You?

Will this be what you are looking for? I can not answer that. I have said all throughout this blog. Trading is very personal, and you need to find what works for you. Every trader is different and trading styles are different as well. So is every system, Heck go over to Forex Factory And You Will See page after page of what works for some of those guy’s.

Leading experts have spent a lot of time combining different algorithms in one tool to create “FX Trend Stalker”. The interface of the indicator is highly user-friendly and CAN EARN YOU A FORTUNE.

Why I Like Larger Time Frames

I am a different style trader than most out there. For some they get a kick of being in draw down then being up and over and over. I have never been that way EVER. If i am in a trade and it goes against me more than 25 pips, I am out. Now some will say that is way to tight blah blah blah. But the truth is how big of position you have on for the trade. I have a buddy who trades 50 lots at once, And there is no way he is going to let that trade go 25-30 pips against him. And truth be told, I do not blame him.

This is one of many Systems

There are many systems on here and I am sure you can find something that will fit your style of trading. It is just a matter of finding something that you have faith in.